Star Maa takes Bigg Boss to the next level!

Thursday, December 24th, 2020, 01:00:43 AM IST

Star Maa is undoubtedly one of the leading channels in Telugu. Bigg Boss is the top most show in Telugu, with record-breaking TRP ratings every single season. While the 4th season may have gotten a mixed response, audiences still watched the show till the end.

According to the latest reports, Star Maa has showered a lot of opportunities in the way of several Bigg Boss contestants. Gangavva has already been offered a health related program, and SSohail has been offered to host Bigg Boss Buzz.

Now, Monal is said to have been offered to host an upcoming dance show on Star Maa, for which she is reportedly going to be paid a very hefty amount. Looks like Star Maa is trying to cash in on the craze of these contestants, and also provide its viewers with great entertainment.