Pandu breaking all records with his performance

Saturday, August 8th, 2020, 09:58:37 PM IST

The lockdown due to Coronavirus put a sudden stop to the shooting of several shows and films. However, all these shows got back to shooting recently, and have been making the same kind of buzz as before.

Dhee Champions is one such show which is making more buzz than it did before the lockdown, because of its electrifying performances.

The most recent episode of Dhee Champions was telecast on Wednesday and got in a huge number of views on both TV and YouTube.

The promo of the episode itself trended on number 1 position on YouTube when it was released. Now, the entire episode is doing so. Pandu’s performance is the main highlight of the episode, and is the reason why it is trending on no. 1 position.

In just two days, Pandu’s performance got 9 Million views, and continues to trend on YouTube.