Nagarjuna to be replaced because of Wild Dog?

Thursday, October 8th, 2020, 02:02:30 AM IST

There’s no doubt over the charm that Nagarjuna oozes while hosting Bigg Boss. He has brought his own charm and style to Bigg Boss, and has managed to keep the audiences engrossed in every episode he’s a part of.

However, Nagarjuna may not be able to host a few episodes in the near future, as he needs to be off, shooting for his upcoming film Wild Dog. There are many speculations over who would be replacing Nagarjuna in these episodes, and one name is being heard most prominently.

Ramya Krishna hosted a couple of episodes of Bigg Boss last season, when Nagarjuna was away, and it is now being speculated that Ramya Krishna will be the one to fill in Nagarjuna’s shoes this season as well.

Ramya Krishna stole the show last season, and it will definitely be a blast to have her back this season as well!