Is this the last season for Bigg Boss Telugu?

Friday, November 6th, 2020, 01:10:14 PM IST

Despite the situation of Coronavirus not getting better by the tiniest bit anywhere, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 started off by maintaining all sorts of precautions. While the first few weeks were a little slow, the later weeks picked up, taking Bigg Boss to the top position.

Now, yet again, Bigg Boss is reportedly losing its viewership, with very low TRP ratings. From 9 TVR points, Bigg Boss ratings have come down to a dismal 5.5 TVR points. It is being said that this is because of the monotony of the show, and how it has nothing new to offer. Also, many reports have suggested that the viewers are finding the show a bit vulgar, because of which the ratings have come down.

The last time Bigg Boss recorded good ratings was on Dussehra, when Samantha Akkineni hosted the show. It is now going to be a huge task for the makers of Bigg Boss to make sure the show gets back on track before it nears the Grand Finale.

With Bigg Boss getting low TRP ratings, many have been speculating that this might be the last season of Bigg Boss, but that is most certainly not the case because Bigg Boss has a good following among Telugu audiences. The show will most certainly get back to glory within a few days.