Dhee Champions surpasses 3 Crore views

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020, 03:42:35 PM IST

It is common for North Indian relatity shows and other dance shows to go on for several seasons. However, it is not so common for a similar feat to be achieved down south.

Breaking this record. ETV has been running Dhee dance show for 12 successful seasons now. Dhee Champions is the 12th season, and the entertainment and dance performances in the show are unparalleled.

The episode to be aired on August 5th is especially going to be special because the promos have been getting tremendous response on social media.

The promos that was released, for today’s episode, has received a total of 25 million views, a record in itself. This explains how special this episode is going to be. Make sure that you watch today’s Dhee episode without fail.