Bigg Boss Telugu 4 completely scripted?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020, 03:39:31 PM IST

After registering good TRP ratings in its opening week, Telugu Bigg Boss 4, is struggling to garner any attention from the viewers. The viewership dropped by a considerable margin and one of the reasons behind this could be the ongoing Indian Premier League.

Interestingly enough, Bigg Boss is now facing another big challenge as the contestants who are getting eliminated from the title race are making some serious allegations on the show.

Karate Kalyani, and Devi Nagavalli who were evicted from Bigg Boss house recently are alleging that Bigg Boss Telugu is completely scripted.

Kalyani said she was one of the best candidates in the Bigg Boss house and could not understand how she got eliminated. She says Bigg Boss is scripted and the management is behind her elimination.

Yesterday, Devi who got evicted last weekend also said she believes Bigg Boss show is scripted. The noted anchor went on to say that she was very honest with everyone and believed she would be in the final race.

Well, the contestants who have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house are alleging that the show is scripted. We need to wait and see how the organizers will react to this.