Bigg Boss: Lady contestant emerges as clear favorite

Sunday, October 4th, 2020, 11:12:06 AM IST

The ongoing season of Telugu Bigg Boss is slowly gaining momentum. The elimination race is garnering attention every week and that is helping the show to a great extent.

Meanwhile, Gangavva seems to have emerged as the clear favorite to win the title this year. Even the contestants are trying to pamper her in order to get support from her followers.

Gangavva entered the Bigg Boss house as one of the favorites for the title and she is going in the right direction now.

However, the contestants’ admiration towards Gangavva is getting a negative response from the viewers. The followers of the show opine that Bigg Boss is a competitive show and the contestants should fight for the title rather than trying to side with a particular contestant.

As of now, Gangavva is the clear favorite to win the title this year. Further proceedings in the house will decide if she will emerge victorious in the end or someone else will come on top.