Lockdown Review: Work From Home Motivation Ela? (YouTube Short)

Duration: 10:04
Channel: Wirally/Tamada Media

What’s it about?
All of us are stuck with doing work from home during this lockdown period. As much as our jobs are important for us to be able to pay our bills, it is also not easy to work from daily from home. It is highly impossible to be motivated on a daily basis. This is exactly what this YouTube Short is about.

What’s good?
Work From Home Motivation Ela? is quite relatable, and the frustration is shown through pitch perfectly. The dilemma of wanting to quit your job but not being able to do anything about it is also shown well.

What’s bad?
It feels like the video has been dragged just a little bit, especially when the lead keeps on asking people if she should quit the job. Other than that, nothing else is bad.

Final Verdict:
Watch Work From Home Motivation Ela? as we will all relate to it because of the frustration that we experience on a daily basis, and can actually laugh about it.

Rating: 3/5