Lockdown Review: Who Texts First? (YouTube Short)

Duration: 10:13
Channel: Wirally

What’s it about?
All of us have at some of the other points in our lives, have waited for our partner to text first. This could be because of many reasons, most of which are stupid. Who Texts First? deals with the same thing, and shows us what usually goes on in this scenario.

What’s good?
The feelings of both the leads are shown well, and the reasons, why they haven’t texted the other, are perfectly portrayed. The way they reconcile is also shown beautifully.

What’s bad?
Everything goes naturally, and nothing is out of place. There’s not a bit that makes you feel bored.

Final Verdict:
Do watch Who Texts First? for its sheer relativity, and because we have all been through this situation at least once in our lifetime.

Rating: 3/5