Lockdown Review: Upavasam (YouTube Short)

Duration: 11:56
Channel: Wirally/Tamada Media

What’s it about?
All of us are made to fast against our will at least once in a year. Our craving for food increases ten fold especially when we are fasting. Upavasam explores the same concept, where a person who is forced to fast tries everything to eat as soon as possible.

What’s good?
Upavasam is highly relatable and entertaining. It keeps you smiling from beginning to end, and is a great watch. Ravi’s expressions are the major highlight.

What’s bad?
There’s not a single dull moment throughout, and the fun is constant. Hence, nothing is bad about it.

Final Verdict:
Do watch Upavasam in case you were ever forced to fast against your will. It is highly relatable, and huge fun.

Rating: 4/5