Lockdown Review: TV Series Addict (YouTube Short)

Duration: 11:54
Channel: CAPDT/Hey Pilla

What’s it about?
During this lockdown, all of us have become addicted to watching tv and webseries on online streaming platforms. We have become so addicted that we don’t care about when we sleep and when we wake. We literally stopped caring about anything else other than completing a series and jumping to the next. TV Series Addict deals with this exact same concept, and invokes a lot of fun along the way.

What’s good?
The way that a person who’s addicted to watching TV series continuously is portrayed perfectly. Right from impersonating the characters, to making watching tv series your profession is rightly shown.

What’s bad?
The online pellichoopulu concept felt a bit stretched as it wasn’t really funny. That could have been avoided.

Final Verdict:
TV Series Addict is very entertaining, and all of us will relate with it on a whole new level. Watch it without fail.

Rating: 3/5