Lockdown Review: The Dream Husband (YouTube Short)

Duration: 11:20
Channel: CAPDT/Hey Pilla

What’s it about?
Every single girl has certain expectations and hopes in how her husband should be. Often, girls keep fantasizing and dreaming about this perfect and wonderful husband, wanting to get married to someone like that in reality. The Dream Husband deals with this exact same thing.

What’s good?
The feel of the entire video, especially the dream sequence is amazing. Every single girl will definitely relate to the video. Also, the video highlights just how much a woman has to do to maintain a house on a daily basis.

What’s bad?
The video proceeds organically and has no bad or dull moments at all.

Final Verdict:
Do watch the video for a wonderful time, and for a feeling that you definitely associate with. The Dream Husband will definitely pull at your heartstrings.

Rating: 3/5