Lockdown Review: The Art of Covering (YouTube Short)

Duration: 10:36
Channel: Wirally/Tamada Media

What’s it about?
All of us have been in situations where we did something or broke something that weren’t supposed to. Then we had to cook up some sort of story to escape being chided by our parents or others. The Art of Covering deals with the same concept, where Ravi breaks something and has to cook up a story to cover it.

What’s good?
The humor is really amazing, and we can also relate to the way Ravi tries to cover up the breaking of the statue.

What’s bad?
The entire video is fun to watch, and has nothing bad.

Final Verdict:
Do watch the video for a good laugh, and a funny experience. You might also learn how to cover up better, in the process!

Rating: 3.5/5