Lockdown Review: Nakoka Girlfriend Kavali – Part 1 (YouTube Short)

Duration: 10:32
Channel: CAPDT

What’s it about?
There are many out there who have been waiting forever to get a girlfriend. They have everything that takes and is great people as well. However, their shyness and uncertainty when it comes to girls become a major problem for them. Nakoka Girlfriend Kavali deals with a guy like that, who takes the help of his girl bestie to impress a girl.

What’s good?
The efforts that a guy puts in to impress a girl are shown well, and especially the scenes where his girl best friend educates him about it is very relatable. Also, the scene where looks romantically is awesome.

What’s bad?
Nakoka Girlfriend Kavali is entertaining from the start to finish, and never bores you for a second.

Final Verdict:
Do watch Nakoka Girlfriend Kavali for amazing entertainment, comedy, and lots of fun. You can’t wait for Part 2 after this.

Rating: 4/5