Lockdown Review: Long distance relationship (YouTube Short)

Duration: 12:33
Channel: CAPDT/Seema Tapakai

What’s it about?
When you fall in love, sometimes it so happens that we have to get through a phase of being in a long-distance relationship without a partner. Long-distance relationships can be really hard and can put a lot of pressure on us. Long-distance relationship deals with this exact same thing.

What’s good?
The feelings and thoughts of a person in a long-distance relationship are shown well. The difficulties are also addressed properly. There’s also good humour in between.

What’s bad?
After a point, the video seems to be dragging on beyond what is necessary and gets boring.

Final Verdict:
A long-distance relationship is relatable to everyone who’s experiencing it for some or the other reason. Watch it to really connect with the way you feel, and relate to your situation.

Rating: 2/5