Lockdown Review: Life Without WiFi (YouTube Short Film)

Duration: 14:56
Channel: CAPDT

What’s it about?
We are all living in a generation that is dominated by the internet and social media. Driving this world are sources of internet and WiFi. We have all become dependent on WiFi and mobile network plans so much that the absence of WiFi for even a second is unbearable. Life without WiFi is based upon the same thing.

What’s good?
The comedy is spot on, and is very entertaining. The way that we are all dependent on WiFi even when we have mobile plans is shown perfectly. Life Without WiFi is also relatable, which makes for a good watch.

What’s bad?
Life Without WiFi perfectly utilizes its time and doesn’t drag on anywhere. There’s not a single dull moment, and there’s nothing bad about the video.

Final Verdict:
Do watch Life Without WiFi for a really good time and a good laugh. The short spoofs will really entertain you, and you’ll definitely relate to all of our dependence on WiFi.

Rating: 3.5/5