Lockdown Review: Lazy Roommate, Episode 2, The Sotari Brothers

Duration: 7:49
Channel: Wirally

What’s it about?
All of us have become very lazy as a result of the lockdown imposed due to Coronavirus in the country. However, there’s a specific category of people who are known for their laziness, irrespective of the situation around. Lazy Roommate deals with exactly that kind of person, and shows the reality of how a lazy person is actually like.

What’s good?
The way that a lazy person’s day proceeds is shown perfectly. A lazy person can forgo eating if they feel lazy to go and serve food for themselves, and that is executed superbly.

What’s bad?
There’s nothing bad to point out at in Lazy Roommate, everything is super fun.

Final Verdict:
All of those who are lazy irrespective of the current lockdown will relate to Lazy Roommate without doubt. Lazy Roommate is extremely relatable and a fun watch.

Rating: 4/5