Lockdown Review: Insecure Girlfriend (YouTube Short)

Duration: 12:23
Channel: CAPDT/Hey Pilla

What’s it about?
All of us have had girlfriends who are highly insecure, or we have personally been insecure girlfriends ourself. There are so many reason to why a girl is insecure, and the main reason for that is love. Insecure Girlfriend deals with these emotions, and a very important fact at the end.

What’s good?
The entire video is highly relatable and entertaining. You will absolutely be able to connect with either the girl, or the guy. The realisation the girl gets during the climax, and the message at the end are simply perfect.

What’s bad?
Nothing feels out of place in the video. There’s nothing that’s bad in it.

Final Verdict:
Do watch Insecure Girlfriend if you’ve ever been one, or if your girlfriend is one.

Rating: 3.5/5