Lockdown Review: Ekkillu (YouTube Short)

Duration: 10:09
Channel: Wirally/Tamada media

What’s it about?
Ekkillu is about the incessant hiccups that we all tend to get sometimes. All of us get hiccups sometime or the other, and they last for a few minutes. However, sometimes they literally annoy us by lasting for a really long time. Ekkillu shows us this very scenario, and how a person who’s going through that feels like.

What’s good?
Ekkillu invokes a lot of humour, and is very relatable. We’ve all been in the position where we were subjected to non-stop hiccups, and we can really understand the situation. We also get to see how to finally cute non-stop hiccups, so that’s good as well.

What’s bad?
Ekkillu doesn’t have any dull moments, so nothing much is bad about it.

Final Verdict:
Do watch Ekkillu for a few minutes of fun and humor. Also, it’s very relatable and gives us proves remedies to cure hiccups.

Rating: 3.5/5