Lockdown Review: Ee Time Lo Fever Osthe? (YouTube Short)

Duration: 9:50
Channel: Wirally/Tamada media

What’s it about?
All of us are scared about the ongoing Coronavirus, and the way it’s been spreading in the country, and especially in Hyderabad. During this time, we’re all getting worried if we contacted Coronavirus even if we get a slight fever because of weather change. Ee Time Lo Fever Osthe? deals with the exact same thing.

What’s good?
The intention of the video is highly appreciative, especially because it asks all of us to not panic if we’re not well during these testing times. Also, there’s a lot of fun involved when the lead character assumes she has Coronavirus, which is quite entertaining.

What’s bad?
The video’s main intention is to spread awareness while also invoking a little fun, which it does effortlessly. Hence, there’s nothing bad in the video.

Final Verdict:
Do watch Ee Time Lo Fever Osthe? without fail, for a good laugh, and for a good message.

Rating: 3/5