Lockdown Review: Anveshana, Episode 5 (YouTube Short)

Duration: 13:57
Channel: Wirally

What’s it about?
The 5th episode of Anveshana starts off where the 4th episode has ended, and shows us how UBI has resolved Shoban’s problem. There’s entertainment along with a few key points involved in this episode.

What’s good?
This episode covers a lot more than the previous one does, and the story proceeds forward. The best part is we have very entertaining and fun moments along with the proceedings of the episode, which makes it a wonderful watch. There’s also a few key points involved in the story that everyone would connect to.

What’s bad?
Nothing is bad about this episode as it is very organic and goes with the flow.

Final Verdict:
Definitely watch the 5th episode of Anveshana to find out how Agent Chanakya solved Shoban’s problem, and where the story is headed to next.

Rating: 3.5/5