Lockdown Review: Anveshana, Episode 3 (YouTube Short)

Duration: 19:30
Channel: Wirally

What’s it about?
The third episode of Anveshana starts off where the second episode ended. It tells us the case of Shoban, and why he approached the UBI in the first place. Agent Chanakya and Jr. Agent Ekalavya collectively listen to Shoban’s problem, which is revealed to us at the same time.

What’s good?
Although Anveshana started off on a light-hearted and fun tone, this episode highlights some really good points about this series. This episode deals with the harsh reality of an ongoing problem in India, and all over the world.

What’s bad?
The episode sticks to what it wants to convey, and doesn’t beat around the bush.There’s nothing bad about the episode.

Final Verdict:
Do watch the 3rd episode of Anveshana because it offers so much more than you expect to see in it. The issue it deals with in the episode is also very hard-hitting.

Rating: 3.5/5