Talk: 3 lakhs majority for YCP in Tirupati

Sunday, April 18th, 2021, 03:00:19 AM IST

The polling for Tirupati by-election was completed today and the results will be out on 2nd May. The ruling party is the firm favourite to win the polls.

The polling percentage is said to be around 64% and that is comparatively lower. But given the Covid second wave, the low polling percentage is acceptable.

Meanwhile, the latest news is that YSRCP is likely to win the Tirupati by-election by a margin of at least 3 lakh votes.

Winning the by-election with a margin of 3 lakh votes would certainly boost the morale of YSRCP forces.

TDP is likely to come second in the by-election and BJP-Janasena candidate Ratna Prabha is touted to come third.

This is just a speculation for now and we need to wait till the election results are out.