Special chief guest for Sharmila’s mega political event

Thursday, April 8th, 2021, 02:08:16 AM IST

It is known that YS Sharmila will be holding a mega political event on 9th of this month in Khammam. She will be announcing the name of her party in this meeting.

The latest news is that Sharmila’s event will have a special chief guest and it will be none other than Vijayamma.

Vijayamma will be attending the event and also give a brief speech.

Sharmila’s team has also called for a car rally and not less than 1000 cars are set to be used for this mega rally.

Sharmila’s troops opine that this event will set the stage for her political stint in Telangana and they want it to be a super successful one.

There are rumors that Sharmila’s party is named YSR Telangana Party. An official announcement on the same will be made in the Khammam meeting.