Official: BJP suspends Ex-TDP firebrand

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020, 03:00:40 AM IST

For a while now, BJP has been displeased with the media statements given by their party representative Lanka Dinakar, who was once a firebrand leader in TDP.

The saffron party felt that Dinakar is speaking against the party’s interests and damaging its image. Consequently, they issued a show cause notice to him two months ago.

Incidentally, BJP did not find Dinakar’s explanation to his acts satisfactory and suspended him from the party with immediate effect.

Many netizens kept arguing that Dinakar was a hardcore TDP supporter and he would not change his attitude even after joining BJP. It seems to be that they had a strong point here.

It remains to be seen if Ex-TDP firebrand Lanka Dinakar will get back with the yellow party again now.

Meanwhile, another Ex-TDP leader Yamini Sadineni who joined in BJP a while back is also nowhere to be seen in the saffron party activities.