Nara Lokesh promises to reduce petrol and gas prices

Monday, April 5th, 2021, 11:34:46 AM IST

Telugu Desam Party scion Nara Lokesh is at it again. He promised to reduce petrol and gas prices if TDP candidate Panabaka Lakshmi is voted to power in Tirupati by-election.

“If Panabaka Lakshmi win Tirupati Lok Sabha by-election, I can assure you that the petrol and gas prices will go down,” he said.

Well, people are not able to understand how a single Lok Sabha constituency election result can change the prices of petrol and gas.

Lokesh is now being trolled by netizens for his rather pointless comments. Netizens are questioning how he plans to reduce petrol and gas prices by winning Tirupati Lok Sabha by-election.

The TDP young gun recently commenced election campaigning in Tirupati and he is currently campaigning for TDP candidate Panabaka Lakshmi in the constituency.