Nani gives a hard counter to Pawan Kalyan

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, 07:02:57 AM IST

Speaking at the pre-release event of his upcoming film Vakeel Saab, Pawan Kalyan said unlike a few politicians he doesn’t own cement factories or gambling clubs and he earns his money in a legitimate manner by acting in movies.

Today, YSRCP leader Kodali Nani gave a strong counter to Pawan Kalyan.

“Pawan Kalyan sees politics as a business and a source of making money. That is why he often starts new movies later. He is not a serious politician and all he wants to do is make some easy money in quick time,” Nani said.

Nani added that YSRCP does not take Pawan Kalyan seriously at all, given his flip-flop nature. He said the Janasena chief cannot challenge YSRCP chief YS Jagan in any way.

Pawan Kalyan has been targeting the ruling party YSRC for a while now and that is inviting harsh counters from the Jagan-led party forces.

Pawan recently campaigned for BJP candidate in Tirupati by-election and he breathed fire on YSRCP. This seems to have irked Kodali Nani and he responded to the same today.