Janasena deeply hurt with BJP’s humiliating attitude

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, 02:20:59 PM IST

Very recently, BJP Telangana wing senior leader DK Aruna said the party is not in alliance with Janasena, led by Pawan Kalyan. She said BJP is an independent party and small-time parties like Janasena would not offer any sort of assistance to them.

These comments obviously did not go well with Janasena troops and they are visibly upset withe same.

Janasena troops on social media are saying that BJP’s egotistic and humiliating attitude is uncalled for.

A Janasena supporter on social media pointed out that the party high command is not demanding enough and that is the reason why BJP is belittling them.

Even Janasena high command is said to be disappointed with BJP’s latest comments. This isn’t the first time they are facing a situation like this. Not so long ago, even BJP Telangana wing president Bandi Sanjay made similar comments, saying their party is not in alliance with Janasena.

BJP is very much in alliance with Janasena in Andhra Pradesh but for some odd reason, they are claiming to be an independent force in the Telugu states.