Chandrababu putting extra load on pro-TDP media

Sunday, April 4th, 2021, 08:47:46 AM IST

Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu is putting extra load on pro-TDP media with his pointless and controversial decisions, opine political observers.

Of late, pro-TDP media is trying its best to cover up Chandrababu‘s faults and mistakes.

Very recently, Chandrababu announced that TDP will not be contesting in MPTC and ZPTC elections. This decision drew a whole lot of backlash and a couple of TDP bigwigs openly criticised Naidu for his decision.

Pro-TDP media then had to come up with a cover up story, saying TDP leaders are very much satisfied with its Chandrababu’s decision to avoid polls.

Also, Chandrababu is promoting his son Nara Lokesh as the face of the party and giving him more media coverage. But this is not going well with TDP supporters who are demanding Naidu to bring Jr NTR into the party.

Again pro-TDP media is being called to action by Chandrababu. These media portals are projecting Lokesh as a worthy leader and saying he is the rightful heir to the party.

Well, almost all of Chandrababu’s decisions are backfiring big time and pro-TDP media is trying its level best to defend the TDP chief. We have to wait and see how long this strange political game will go on.