BJP candidate: My brother Pawan Kalyan will lead me to victory

Sunday, April 4th, 2021, 03:01:41 AM IST

It is known that BJP announced Ratna Prabha as the party’s candidate for the coming by-election in Tirupati. She has already started campaigning and the likes of Pawan Kalyan and Bandi Sanjay have joined the same.

Speaking at an election campaign today, Ratna Prabha expressed confidence in winning the election.

“My brother Pawan Kalyan will lead me to victory in Tirupati and I am very much confident about the same. BJP and Janasena have formed a formidable alliance in Andhra Pradesh and we will be voted to power,” she said.

Yesterday, Ratna Prabha contradicted with her own party’s comments that Pawan Kalyan is their chief minister candidate as she said Pawan is not their chief minister candidate.

Today, she is saying her brother Pawan Kalyan will lead her to victory in Tirupati by-election.

Meanwhile, even YCP and TDP have started extensively campaigning for their respective candidates.