Always ready to welcome TDP back

Friday, April 20th, 2018, 01:38:53 AM IST

The TDP had a bitter withdrawal from the BJP led National Democratic Alliance after the budgetary session and it started a war of words between the leaders and both the parties and the possible re-alliance between these two parties seemed impossible.

But BJP MP Gokaraju Rangaraju surprisingly stated that the BJP would always be ready to welcome back the TDP if the party is willing to do it. Speaking to the media he said, that the development of the state lies in the co-working of BJP and TDP.

He also recalled the party president Amit Shah’s words that there were disputes of no kind in between the leaders of both the parties and the Centre has extended all the support possible towards Andhra and will continue doing so.

He also accused YSRCP of pressurizing the TDP to exit from the NDA. This came as a surprise and it looks like things have cooled down a bit and both the parties look affirmative.