Will social media affect Tholiprema ?

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018, 05:07:17 PM IST

These days, social media is playing a key role in the success of movies. People are giving their opinions on movies right from the first show on the release day.

This word of mouth is affecting the opening day collections of almost all the movies. With all factors known, Varun Tej’s ‘Tholiprema’ makers have opted to arrange premier shows in the USA, two days prior to release in India.

This comes as a huge gamble because any negative talk from the day before release can absolutely destroy the run of the movie. The movie will be hitting the screens on Feb 10th with premiers to be held on Feb 8th.

On a contemporary note, people are feeling that the makers should be extremely confident about the movie’s result.
We have to wait and watch if the confidence pays off or not.