Vakeel Saab: Rs 50 crores gross, biggest in Indian cinema

Saturday, April 10th, 2021, 05:26:33 PM IST

Power star Pawan Kalyan has shown his star power with his latest film Vakeel Saab which is going on a string run at the box office.

As per reports, Vakeel Saab has grossed over Rs 50 crores on its opening day. This is the highest gross collections for any Indian film after the Covid related lockdown.

The Pawan Kalyan starrer has set a new record in Indian cinema as it is now the biggest opener in Indian cinema post the lockdown.

The makers are yet to post the official number as the film could not get a full-fledged start at the box office in Andhra Pradesh, owing to last-minute cancellation of premieres and special shows.

Pawan Kalyan has proven that he is one of the biggest crowd pullers in South Indian cinema and the blockbuster run of Vakeel Saab proves the same.

Vakeel Saab is directed by Sriram Venu and it is produced by Dil Raju.