Sai Pallavi reveals the reason behind her makeup-free avatar

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, 08:55:00 PM IST

We normally see heroines applying a lot of makeup to look more glamorous and appealing. This is a pretty common trend and a widely followed practice.

However, Malayali beauty, Sai Pallavi is willing to stay out of the pack. This young actress looks natural and uses minimal makeup in her movies. Interestingly, people are loving her for her natural approach towards acting.

When asked about the reason behind skipping makeup, Pallavi came up with an interesting reply. She said that all of her directors are willing to portray her in natural roles that do not need any makeup.

She revealed that the director of her first movie, Premam, Alphonse Puthren was the first to encourage her. She said that the star director believed talent can always overshadow the beauty. That is the reason why this actress appeared with pimples on her face in this comedy-drama.

On the whole, Sai Pallavi is simply unstoppable even in her natural attire. Movies like Fidaa and MCA prove the craze this young beauty has gathered with her subtle performances.