Judgment time very near for Tollywood!

Thursday, April 8th, 2021, 03:15:25 PM IST

There are less than 24 hours for Vakeel Saab to release worldwide. The release of this film will decide the near future of Tollywood, as several big-ticket films are lined up for release this summer.

Based on Vakeel Saab’s performance, many movies, including Acharya and BB3 will decide their release dates. Even medium-budget films like Love Story may be affected if Vakeel Saab faces any slump. The second wave of coronavirus is threatening the entire country, and film revenues might take a big hit if people prefer to not show up.

There are a lot of expectations on Vakeel Saab, and the advance bookings are going on at a steadfast rate. Here’s hoping that Vakeel Saab turns out to be a blockbuster for Pawan Kalyan, and for the sake of entire Tollywood.