Bollywood movie played in bus, 3 days post release

Monday, February 19th, 2018, 08:56:13 PM IST

In a shocking incident of sorts, Bollywood movie, Aiyaary was played in a government bus in Maharashtra. Doubting what’s so interesting in that? Well, the movie was released on Jan 16th and was played in a bus on Jan 19th.

The ironic part here is that the movie was played on a government bus. What sort of message is the government giving to the public by openly supporting piracy.

This movie is already struggling to rake any moolah and is having a bad run at the box office. Incidents like these can cause further damage to the movie. People are fuming over this unacceptable act and are demanding for necessary measures.

It’s high time that everyone takes piracy seriously and implement measures to eradicate the pest that is totally ruining movie industry.