Balakrishna on an unstoppable spree!

Friday, December 4th, 2020, 12:00:11 AM IST

Nandamuri Balakirshna is one actor who keeps on signing films, irrespective of the result of his previous films. He is currently working on Boyapati Srinu’s film, and will start shooting for B.Gopal’s film as soon as he wraps Boyapati’s.

According to the latest reports, Balakrishna has now signed yet another film, which will be directed by Sriwass. Sriwass and Balakrishna previously collaborated for Dictator, which turned out to be an average performer at the box-office.

Sriwass took a long break after Sakshyam, as the film turned out to be a huge dud, and worked on several scripts. Sriwass is said to have worked along with Kona Venkat, on Balakrishna’s script, and is said to have managed to impress the actor with his pitch.