Young hero: Don’t rate my movie

Monday, April 23rd, 2018, 03:58:22 PM IST

Tollywood young hero, Naga Shoruya got a lifeline in the form of Chalo. The comedy entertainer minted crores at the box office and left the makers in huge profits.

The young actor did not waste much time and started working on his next movie, Ammammagarillu. Speaking at the teaser release event of the movie, Naga Shourya requested film critics not to rate the family drama. He said that the movie was made with the intention of connecting with a particular section of the audience. He added that family audience will be in love with this movie post-release. Shourya urged film reviewers not to tamper the feel of the movie as it can show huge effects in the full run of the movie.

It needs to be seen if critics and reviewers will actually listen to Naga Shourya’s request. This movie marks the comeback of Shamili( Oye fame) and is being directed by Sundar Surya. There is no news about the release date as of now.