Published On: Jun 2, 2018 4:04 PM IST

You cannot speak about buying MLAs, Babu

Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Chandra Babu is currently taking part in the Nava Nirmana Deeksha. Babu has planned to hold these deekshas for 7 days in 7 different constituencies in Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking at the event, Babu said that BJP tried to play cheap politics by bribing opposition party MLAs in Karnataka. He further added that these acts are against the core concepts of a constitution and are totally unacceptable in a democratic nation.

Sadly, Chandra Babu himself followed a similar strategy in Andhra Pradesh by buying out a chunk of YCP’s MLAs and even allocated minister posts to them. How can babu speak about the politics of the neighboring state if he himself went against the basic rules of the constitution? question political followers.

The buzz is that Babu allotted a hefty budget for these Nava Nirmana Deekshas which have no real prominence in the state politics. This move was bashed by political experts as Babu is going for lavish spendings when the state is suffering from lack of funds.