YCP shift to ‘overconfident’ track, again

Thursday, May 10th, 2018, 05:43:53 AM IST

There are no second thoughts in saying that YSRCP chief, Jagan Mohan Reddy enjoyed a huge fan base before the 2014 elections. The young leader was considered the favorite to claim the cm chair even while coming up against the likes of TDP and BJP. Surprisingly, YCP lost the elections by a good margin and this shocked the party high command.

The main reason for this defeat is the party’s overconfidence. Seeing the humongous popularity, Jagan took things on a lighter note and did not coordinate with the party cadre. This misstep yielded a negative result for the newly formed party. In addition, YCP leaders started claiming that the party will easily come to power in the 2014 elections, owing to the charisma of YS Jagan. However, the results were anything but that.

Going by the latest trend, it looks like the YCP cadre did not learn from their failures. Recently, Kurnool district YCP leaders started a propaganda that the party will win all 14 MLA constituencies in the district. All these overconfident statements will send negative signals to the public. The opposition party should concentrate more on gaining public support than making exaggerating comments.