Published On: Sep 12, 2018 3:28 AM IST

YCP loses another key member to TDP

Hopping parties has become a common thing for the political leaders of various parties ahead of the elections to safeguard their survival. Rumors are rife that YCP Senior Leader Chelamasetti Suneel would quit his party and adorn the yellow shawl of TDP.

The political leader had reportedly met the AP Chief Minister Chandra Babu and discussed various key issues about the politics. He conveyed his decision of quitting his designation as YCP’s Kakinada constituency incharge to join the ruling Telugu Desam Party.

According to sources, Mr. Suneel will officially join the TDP in the second week of October in the presence of TDP Chief and AP Chief Minister Chandra Babu. It is a loss for YCP to lose a key member of the party to the rival with only a few months left for the elections.