Will YCP MPs go hard now?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018, 01:39:03 PM IST

It is well known that YSRCP MPs resigned their posts in the fight for special status as the no-confidence motion that was presented by the party did not come to discussion in the house. Apparently, the speaker has called for a meeting with the MPs to discuss their stand on the resignations and the future developments that may occur if their resignations are approved.

It is being reported that the election commission will be holding bi-elections in the respective constituencies if the speaker approves the resignations of these 5 MPs. This is surely a tricky situation for the opposition party as they need to prove their power in these 5 constituencies in order to push the TDP government into a dilemma. If they fail to do so, it would be a tough start for the party before 2019 general elections.

The big question is, what will be the attitude of YCP MPs when they meet the speaker? Will they push hard and force the speaker into approving their resignations? If they back down, How will the public in Andhra Pradesh take their half-hearted protest? Well, we will find out the answers in a while.