Will this be a disastrous end for the reigning champions?

Saturday, April 28th, 2018, 08:09:44 PM IST

The Indian Premier League has already entered the penultimate stage with top teams battling it out for the qualification spots. Interestingly, the three time champions, Mumbai Indians are struggling to find any sort of momentum in the tournament.

They lost a few nail baiting games in the final over and that took a toll on the players confidence levels. The blue team have a crunch clash today against Chennai and this will be a do or die for the reigning champions. Mumbai has already lost 5 of the 6 games played and are left with no other option to win every single from now on.

With that being said, Chennai has been in great form this season as the experienced players are coming to their rescue in crucial times. The match is set to be played in Pune and promises to be an out and out entertainer. Mumbai will be looking to fire with all the cylinders and register a thumping victory over their arch rivals.