Will these two Reddys listen to CM?

Friday, April 27th, 2018, 09:32:40 AM IST

Kurnool district politics are taking interesting twists and turns with every passing day. The local TDP leaders, Bhuma Akhila Priya and AV Subba Reddy have been indulging in serious fights and are running group politics over the past 1 year. Ever since the sudden demise of Bhuma Nagi Reddy, his daughter, Akhila Priya has been a bit too aggressive on Subba Reddy.

In a recent incident, Subba Reddy was attacked by a group of goons while he was participating in the cycle yatra. Subba Reddy is claiming that Akhila Priya was behind this malicious act and demanded strict action to be taken against her. This issue was taken seriously by the chief minister, Chandra Babu Naidu, who called for an emergency meeting with these two leaders.

As per sources, CBN gave a strict warning to both the leaders about their involvement in group politics. He said that the party will face adverse effects if the core level leaders are fighting amongst themselves.

The interesting question is whether these two Reddys will listen to the chief minister after the situation is so critical that they are not backing down to attack each other. We should wait and watch how CBN will deal with this issue.