Will RRR change into RRRR?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018, 04:54:25 PM IST

The initial teaser of Rajamouli’s multi starrer, RRR which has Ram Charan and NTR in the lead roles is doing rounds on social media. RRR represents Rajamouli, Ram Charan and Rama Rao(NTR). This was enough to send the fans into berserk mode who are eager to watch the magic laced by Rajamouli with 2 of the biggest stars in Tollywood.

Here comes the interesting part, the latest reports suggest that RRR may turn into RRRR. Wonder how? Here is the answer.

Reportedly, Rajamouli is considering senior hero Rajasekhar as the main antagonist in the movie, The actor is fresh from the success of his action drama, Garuda Vega. This movie rejuvenated Rajasekhar’s career and seems to have caught the eye of Rajamouli.

If Rajamouli can pull this off, it would be great to watch a senior hero act as a villain with two star heroes in the lead roles. We have to wait and watch if Rajasekhar will accept Rajamouli’s proposal.