Will Puri score his first blockbuster after a decade?

Saturday, February 10th, 2018, 01:55:55 AM IST

Director Puri Jagannadh’s last undisputed blockbuster was Mahesh Babu’s 2006 film, Pokiri. Since then, Puri has directed 20 movies, but he couldn’t repeat Pokiri’s success. Movies like Chirutha, Desamuduru, Businessman and Temper were decent earners but are no match for Pokiri.

But since yesterday, ever since the teaser of his upcoming film Mehbooba was released, Puri’s hardcore fans are gung ho about the Dashing Director scoring his first blockbuster after Pokiri. Mehbooba’s teaser has been getting a unanimous positive response from all-over.

Puri has literally given his blood and sweat for Mehbooba, which is a relaunch of sorts for his son Akash Puri. Puri has also turned producer with his son’s movie after a long time. We will have to wait till this summer to see if Mehbooba will change Puri’s fortunes.