Published On: Jul 30, 2018 3:24 PM IST

Will Nagarjuna’s editing help struggling hero?

Akkineni Sushanth is eagerly awaiting the release of his upcoming youthful drama, Chi La Sow. This movie is riding on a decent buzz, thanks to some impressive trailer and a good round of promotions from the movie unit. Speaking at a recent event, Sushanth made some interesting comments about Nagarjuna’s involvement in the movie.

“Nagarjuna watched the movie and he was thoroughly impressed with the final output. He suggested a few minor changes and we went for a reshoot in order to make sure the final cut is free from lags. His decision-making capabilities are commendable and helped us a lot in improvising the movie”, said Sushanth.

Sushant is hoping to make a solid comeback with this movie. It needs to be seen if Nagarjuna’s cuts and pastes for this film, which is gearing up for release on August 3rd.