Published On: Aug 1, 2018 1:20 AM IST

Will Kapus’ support Mudragada?

Mudragada Padmanabham has always been an active participant in Kapu community political movements. The senior leader never backs down to question Chandra Babu, who previously promised special reservations for Kapu community, but went back, citing various reasons. Recently, he breathed fire on Jagan, saying that the YCP chief lost his credibility and advised him not to ask for Kapu votes in the following elections.

The latest news is that Mudragada Padmanabham will be floating a political party of his own just before the 2019 general elections. Apparently, his team has already started the backend operations and laying out ground level strategies to surface the party. Mudragada, who keeps fighting against political parties for the rights of his community has finally gotten the right opportunity to fulfill all of his dreams and aspirations.

It is an open secret that Kapu community has the majority of the voters in Andhra Pradesh and if they stand by Mudragada, it can turn out to be a gamechanger. All we can do is wait and watch if Kapus’ will support Mudragada in his political journey.