Will all these ‘Incoming’ leaders help YCP?

Friday, May 11th, 2018, 12:38:35 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh opposition party, YSR Congress has been growing strength by strength over the past 2 years. The public backlash on TDP and their lackluster governance have come as an added bonus to the opposition party. Also, YS Jagan has been receiving a great response to his Pada Yatra as almost all the public events are witnessing massive turnouts.

With increasing popularity, YCP has turned into a hub for political leaders who are not satisfied with their current parties. Interestingly, senior leaders from various parties have been forming ques to join YSRCP. Apparently, Jagan has rejected the proposals of some senior most leaders to join the party and that shows the urge, senior leaders are showing to join YCP.

Recently, Vijayawada TDP leader, Yalamanchili Ravi, who enjoys a great following in Kamma community has joined YCP. The latest news is that Krishna district TDP leaders, Vasantha Nageshwar Rao and his son, Krishna Prasad have joined YCP. The Krishna district YCP leaders are really pumped with the addition of these bigwigs who can vastly help the part in 2019 elections.

The main question is, Will all these incoming leaders help YCP during the following elections