Published On: May 31, 2018 5:01 PM IST

Why is Varma running after sound?

A while ago, Ram Gopal Varma was considered as one of the most innovative directors in the Indian film industry. He set the bars high in terms of sounds, lighting, and characterizations with his first movie(Siva) itself. The movie is still considered as an epitome for revolutionizing the moviemaking style and setting a new path for aspiring movie directors.

Sadly, Varma could not capitalize on the dream start that he got with Siva. He could score a few blockbusters in the initial stages of his career but it has been a drastic downfall ever since then. His repetitive narration style, lackluster storylines, and off-beat screenplay resulted in a dent in his image.

He is looking to register a decent hit in Tollywood with his latest movie, Officer, starring Nagarjuna in the lead role. However, the buzz around the movie is really poor as the teasers and trailers of the action drama failed to create any sort of expectations on the movie. As if this was not enough, Varma came up with a weird promotional campaign by releasing sound clippings of the movie. Well, they may be one-of-a-kind, but in what way are they helping in building up hype around the movie. They should have done these sound clippings promotions a month before the release, not a week before the release, opined a few netizens.

Varma should have left the promotional works of the movie to Nagarjuna’s team which managed to turn an average movie like Rarandoi into a super hit by planning aggressive promotions.